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9:00 PM – 11:30 PM PDT ( FRI & SAT) from 16th April 2021

9:30 AM – 12:00 PM IST  (SAT & SUN) ) from 17th April 2021

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**For Lab setup, required software (including the instructions) would be shared by the trainer to each individual student. **

9:00 PM – 11:30 PM PDT ( FRI & SAT) from 16th April 2021

9:30 AM – 12:00 PM IST  (SAT & SUN) ) from 17th April 2021

Fundamentals of MPLS

  • Definition of MPLS  
  • Pre-MPLS Protocols  
  • Benefits of MPLS  
  • Peer-to-Peer VPN Model Versus Overlay VPN Model  
  • History of MPLS in Cisco IOS (TDP)  
  • Tag Switching to MPLS  
  • MPLS Applications  
  • How was switching happening before MPLS – We Will configure Frame-Relay Lab in GNS3 –  Understand DLCI switching. 

MPLS Architecture

  • Introducing MPLS Labels  
  • Label Stacking  
  • Encoding of MPLS  
  • MPLS and the OSI Reference Model  
  • Label Switch Router  
  • Label Switched Path  
  • Forwarding Equivalence Class (FEC)  
  • Label Distribution  
  • Piggyback the Labels on an Existing IP Routing Protocol  
  • Running a Separate Protocol for Label Distribution  
  • Label Distribution with LDP  
  • Label Forwarding Instance Base  
  • MPLS Payload  
  • MPLS Label Spaces  
  • Different MPLS Modes  
  • Label Distribution Modes  
  • Label Retention Modes  
  • LSP Control Modes  
  • Practical: Will show things practically in the lab.  

Forwarding of Labelled Packets

  • Label Operation  
  • IP Lookup Versus Label Lookup  
  • Load Balancing Labelled Packets  
  • Unknown Label 
  • Reserved Labels  
  • Implicit NULL Label  
  • Explicit NULL Label  
  • Router Alert Label  
  • OAM Alert Label  
  • Unreserved Labels  
  • Push/PoP/Swap operations  
  • TTL Behaviour of Labelled Packets  
  • TTL Behaviour in the Case of IP-to-Label or Label-to-IP 
  • TTL Behaviour in the Case of Label-to-Label 
  • TTL Expiration  
  • MPLS MTU  
  • MPLS MTU Command  
  • Giant and Baby Giant Frames  
  • Giant Frames on Switches  
  • MPLS Maximum Receive Unit  
  • Fragmentation of MPLS Packets  
  • Path MTU Discovery  
  • Practical: GNS3 Lab of 4 routers  

Label Distribution Protocol (LDP)

  • LDP Overview  
  • LDP Operation  
  • The Discovery of LSRs That Are Running LDP
  • LDP Session Establishment and Maintenance
  • Number of LDP Sessions  
  • Advertising of Label Mappings  
  • Label Withdrawing  
  • Targeted LDP Session  
  • LDP Authentication  
  • Controlling the Advertisement of Labels via LDP 
  • LIB/LFIB  
  • Practical: GNS3 Lab and a Troubleshooting Lab also. 

Cisco Express Forwarding

  • Overview of Cisco IOS Switching Methods  
  • Process Switching  
  • Fast Switching  
  • CEF Switching  
  • Why Is CEF Needed in MPLS Networks?  
  • What Are the Components of CEF?  
  • The Adjacency Table  
  • The CEF Table  
  • Operation of CEF  
  • Distributed CEF (DCEF)  
  • CEF Switching Packets in Hardware  
  • Load Balancing in CEF  
  • Unequal Cost Load Balancing  
  • Labelling IP Packets by CEF  
  • Load Balancing Labelled Packets  
  • Troubleshooting CEF  
  • Practical: GNS3 Lab to show why CEF is important using various scenarios. What will happen  if CEF is disabled to understand Importance of CEF.  

How to Configure a basic MPLS VPN?

  • Step by step process of configuration.  

Advanced MPLS – MPLS VPN

  • Introduction to MPLS VPN  
  • Definition of a VPN  
  • VPN Models  
  • MPLS VPN Model  
  • Architectural Overview of MPLS VPN  
  • Virtual Routing Forwarding  
  • What is RD  
  • What is RT  
  • MPLS VPN Control Plane  
  • MPLS VPN Data Plane  
  • VPNv4 Route Propagation in the MPLS VPN Network  
  • Packet Forwarding in an MPLS VPN Network  
  • BGP vs BGP Multiprotocol Extensions and Capabilities  
  • BGP Extended Community: RT  
  • VPNv4 Routes  
  • BGP Carrying the Label  
  • RRs 
  • BGP Route Selection  
  • BGP Multipath  
  • Using Multiple RDs  
  • Packet Forwarding  
  • Practical: GNS3 Lab of 7 Routers – Very Important – Also a refresh of BGP concepts.  

PE-CE Routing Protocols

  • Connected Routes  
  • Static Routing  
  • RIP Version 2  
  • OSPF  
  • OSPF VRF Configuration  
  • OSPF Metric Propagation  
  • BGP Extended Communities for OSPF – Very Imp Topic  
  • OSPF Network Design  
  • Sham Link  
  • Down Bit and Domain Tag  
  • Practical: Dedicated GNS3 Lab for this part – very imp.  
  • EIGRP  
  • IS-IS  
  • eBGP  
  • Autonomous System Override (AS-Override)  
  • Allowas-in  
  • Hub-and-Spoke  
  • SOO (Site of Origin) – Dedicated Lab for this.  
  • MCS setup (Major Critical Site – 2 CEs – 2 PEs – Kind of Hub Site) – Dedicated Lab for this.  
  • Practical: GNS3 Lab upto 12 routers to understand working of all CE-PE protocols. Will use 3  different customers with 2 sites each in different locations. Each site running with a different  CE-PE protocol.  

MPLS VPN Applications

  • VRF Access  
  • Internet Access  
  • Internet in a VPN  
  • Internet Access Through the Global Routing Table  
  • Internet Access Through the Global Routing Table with Static Routes  
  • Internet Access Through a Central VRF Site 
  • Multi-VRF CE  
  • OSPF VRF-Lite Command  
  • CE Management – Controlnet  
  • A 20 Routers Lab in GNS3 – Very Important 

Added Advantage

  • Will share real-time practical experience of MPLS VPN working in a Real time Service  Provider. Not just Theoretical Learning.  
  • Interview Questions Asked. How to crack MPLS VPN interview.  
  • Overview of Cisco 3 Layer model running in service provider Core – What Router Models  running at which layer.  
  • Will learn what is running on the wire using the Wireshark tool. – Very Important for MPLS  Control plane and Data plane.


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